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Wheel bearing

Shock Absorbers

Spare parts for Lada & Logan

C1001 Oil Drain Plug Key Set (12pc)

9333 Dr. Twist Socket Set (11pcs 3/8”)

9318 Dr.Socket Set 1/4″&1/2″(94pc)

9311 Oil Filter Wrench

SCT 9312 Oil Filter Wrench Set (15pc)

9321 Socket Set 1/2″ (26pc)

9304 Wrench Set NN8-22(14pc)

SCT A1013 Filter Wrench Set (23pc)

SCT A1049 Filter Wrench Set (9pc)

SCT A1065 Filter Wrench

SCT A1066 Filter Wrench

F1005 Oil Drain Pan 7L

F1004 Oil Drain Pan 15L

RT01VS-530K Ratchet Cargo Tie-Down Straps

AH-02 Compressor Air Hose PU 10m

MANNOL MN1065 Fender Cover

SCT 9199 Mobile Grease Pump Unit

HC-2197 Altoelsammler

GS-432 Brake Fluid Exchanger

SCT DT800R-PNEU Water Tank Fluid Exchanger

SCT GA322-PNEU Transmission Fluid Exchanger

SCT ADD501A Refractometer

SCT 9370 Pressure Sprayer steel manual

SCT DIN61 Dispensing Tap for 20L Drum

DIN-G3/4 Dispensing Tap for 60/200L Drum

SCT Forklift II

SCT 9310 Grease Gun

SCT 9316 Lever Type Drum Pump

SCT 9317 Oil Extractor

SCT 9316/1 Oil Pump

Oil Leak Stop Kit

SCT 9299 Pneumatic Pump Set

Cable Ties

SCT Clamp