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With SCT windscreen wipers have client highest wiping quality, innovative design and maximum comfort to favourable cost. SCT windscreen wipers guarantees best view and maximum safety through innovative engineering. Strong holder is resestant against influence of meteorological conditions. Extra soft back of wash gum cares high flexibility for especially equable and quiet movement without rubble and squeaking – whether there is a rain, there is a snow or hail. The wish blade cares for cleane cleaning for the whole life. It fixes with universal adapter, so you du not need a long search for right installation tools. For fast cars are designet windscreen wipers with spoiler, which cares for better pressure at high speed. Advantages of SCT-Windscreen wipers: 1) Excellent wish quality 2) No lifting and vibration 3) Wash without streaks 4) Fast installation 5) Good price-quality ratio

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