GS-432 Brake Fluid Exchanger

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Professional device for venting brake and clutch systems with compressed air support. Massive, robust design for daily use in workshops. The compressed air and the brake fluid are separated by a membrane, so that no water can seep into the brake fluid. The working pressure can be adjusted with a pressure regulator from 0 to 3 bar by a manometer. A special brake fluid fabric hose with a ball valve and a quick coupling by Nitto for filling adapters with safety and pressure relief valves is included. The compressed air connection for quick couplings corresponds to German standards. The handle is lockable and foldable. Includes an adapter for the most common brake systems as well as two special bottles with adapters for bleed nipples. A transparent, extendable hose for the visual inspection of the brake fluid is also included. Delivery contents: 1x brake filling and venting device; 11 piece adapter set (case); 2x collecting bottles; 1x sucker.


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