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Engine oil lubricates all the moving and functional parts in the engine. As a result of combustion, particles of dirt and combustion residue such as soot get into the engine oil. They contaminate the oil and make it more viscous. This means that the oil supply is not adequate and protection from corrosion can no longer be ensured. As a result, engine performance is impaired and fuel consumption increases. In the worst case, the engine could be damaged. Increasing engine performance and at the same time reducing fuel consumption places high demands on engine building. Only clean oil can ensure that engine performance remains consistent. This is where the full effectiveness of SCT filters is really brought to bear. Recommended oil filter replacement: 15.000 km. Oil filter delays aging of the the oil and causes a long-life period of maintenance. This means an important decrease in maintenance cost and an increase in the performance with a safe work. There are two types of oil filter production: Element Type Oil Filters and Spin-On Type Oil Filters. There are also differences in spin-on type oil filters: 1) Full -Flow Filters – they are settled in oil circulation to filter all of the oil. By this way the damage of the particles in lubrication area is prevented. 2) By-Pass Filters: By-pass filters strain 5-10% of the oil in system by absorbing it from oil circulation They are used in diesel engines. The filter paper used in full-flow filter is not appropriate for by-pass filter. A special type filtration material is used. SCT Vertriebs GmbH is also very active in the production of transmission oil filters.

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