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Poly-R belts SCT-GERMANY designed to transmit torque from the motor shaft to:

– power steering pump;
– compressor;
– generator;
– fan;

Poly-R belts SCT-GERMANY differ smoother swing. They slowly heated and have a very high operational resource. Poly-R belts are used to perform functions similar to a wedge, but in a more compact arrangement of the engine parts. Unlike the R-belts, ribbed belts have a lower profile and more wedge-shaped protrusions. Poly-R belts SCT-GERMANY characterized by high efficiency and at the same time a low level of noise and vibration.

Poly-R belts SCT-GERMANY reinforced polyester elastic cords wound in a spiral. Polyester fibers combine high strength and low elongation. Operational properties of polychloroprene fiber used in the manufacture of poly-R -belt SCT-GERMANY characterized by excellent stability in terms of tension and compression .Polychloroprene fibrous layers positioned above and below the carrier belt layer.

Poly-V belts SCT-GERMANY are manufactured using the latest technologies and meet all the requirements of manufacturers of original parts and are produced in accordance with the standards ISO / TS 16949.

Deciphering sizes and designations:
SCT No Allocation “base” length of the belt strap Size
3 R 325 500mm – “base ” length 3 PK 500
3 R 326 + 12.7 mm ( half-inch pitch) 3 PK 513
3 R 328 + 12.7 mm 3 PK 538
4 R 329 + 12.7 mm 4 PK 550

Tolerance of differences of ± 5 mm
3 – The number of wedges
R – profile of the wedge

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