SCT GA322-PNEU Transmission Fluid Exchanger

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The characteristics of the transmission fluid being used in an automatic gearbox deteriorate after a certain period of time. Not changing it on time causes a function change of the transmission fluid and affects the transmission characteristics in a negative way. Due to constructional issues it is not always possible to drain the complete fluid quantity during a simple automatic transmission oil change. This device enables you to exchange nearly 100 % of the oil in the cycle. Both excessive and insufficient fills cause gearbox damage. The automatic ATF changer cleans and changes the fluid in the gearbox, torque converter and radiator within 20 minutes. The display, the compact design and the automatic intelligent switch for fluid flow direction ensure an easy operation. The following processes are automated: the filling, the detection of polarity, the cleaning and the transfer function. The fluid pressure of the A/F cooler and the outlet pressure of the device are displayed during fluid change. The different oils remain completely separated in the interior of the device and cannot mix.
Both operations may be carried out simultaneously, during the power steering service even without mounting on the vehicle.
Dealer and workshop inquiries are welcome.
A 23 piece adapter as well as return hoses are included. The case content is up to 80 % compatible with German cars and thus covers nearly all brands.


Characteristics Method Unit Value
1. Accessories Adapters and Hose Kit
2. Air Inlet NPT 1/4″-18
3. Fluid Capacity 2 tanks
4. Power Air Supply
5. Pressure Regulator Manual
6. Weight KG 38
7. Working Air Pressure PSI 70 to 90

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