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Timing belts SCT-GERMANY designed to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft car and is designed for use in passenger cars and light trucks. Timing belts SCT-GERMANY are manufactured using the latest technologies and meet all the requirements of manufacturers of original parts and are produced in accordance with the standards ISO / TS 16949.

Timing belts SCT-GERMANY showed excellent performance in the bench tests and demonstrated the optimal values ​​of rubber hardness, tensile strength and delamination when used in petroleum chemical exposure, and operating at both high and low temperatures. Neoprene rubber – a material used in the manufacture of timing belts SCT-GERMANY – high strength and elastic substance, which is characterized by the strengthening of the molecular bonds with a long and stable heating, which contributed to the fact that the gear portion of the belt is stronger and more durable glued to the cord.

Timing belts SCT-GERMANY reinforced with fiberglass filaments with a spiral perm, providing optimal flexibility and resistance to change in length. The strength of the cord provides an excellent fit of the teeth Belt SCT-GERMANY on pulleys, and oil resistant outer layer protects the wiring insulation from external influences.

Company Sudheimer Car Technik – Vertriebs GmbH strongly recommends changing the tensioner at the same time replacing timing belts SCT-GERMANY!

Deciphering sizes and designations :
The value notation symbols
G 031 SCT room
41113 x 3 /4 the size belt
41 tooth profile
113 Number of teeth
3/4 ” Belt width in inches ( 19mm )

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