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Windscreen wipers SCT-GERMANY for trucks and buses

The rangeof windscreen wipersSCT-GERMANY for trucks and buses cover a wide demand for modelsvans. Dimensionswindscreen wipersSCT-GERMANYvaryin lengthup to 40 inches, till 1,000millimeters.

Windscreen wipersSCT-GERMANYfor trucks andbusesevenlyand efficientlypurifythe covered surfaceis notonly flat,but also curvedfromvarious contaminants. Natural rubberwith the addition ofgraphiteused for the manufactureof brushesSCT-GERMANY,has excellentwear resistance,it does not freezein low temperatures, does not dryin the sun andis resistant tochemicals.The rubberelementsbrushesSCT-GERMANYperfectlycleancar windows do not leave streaksanddo not emitsqueaks.

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