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SCT-GERMANY belts are designed to transmit torque from the motor shaft to the auxiliary units of the automobile, which include:

– power steering pump;
– air conditioning compressor;
– generator;

Belts SCT-GERMANY reinforced polyester elastic cords wound in a spiral. Polyester fibers combine high strength and low elongation, which ensures high flexibility in longitudinal cross-section together with optimum rigidity. These qualities contribute to long service life and exceptional stability of the V-belts SCT-GERMANY to breaks and bends.

Operational properties of polychloroprene fiber used in the manufacture of V-belts SCT-GERMANY, characterized by excellent stability in terms of tension and compression. Polychloroprene fibrous layers positioned above and below the carrier belt layer.

Belts SCT-GERMANY are manufactured using the latest technologies and meet all the requirements of manufacturers of original spare parts and comply with standards ISO / TS 16949.

Deciphering sizes and designations :
The value notation symbols
AV10 V 2 [X] [X] [X] [X] symbol length in inches
AV11 V3 [X] [X]
AV13 V4 [X] [X]

SCT No: Recalculation of the “base” length of the belt strap Size
V 200 500mm “base ” length AVX10 x 500 La
V 201 + 25mm ( + 1 inch to the “base ” length ) AVX10 x 525 La
202 V + 50 mm ( + 2 inches to the “base ” length ) AVX10 x 550 La
203 V + 75 mm ( 3 inches + to the “base ” length ) AVX10 x 575 La

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