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Wheel Bearings SCT-GERMANY

In a typical car, there are between 20 to30 different bearings. In the newmore technologically advanced vehicles with various options and additional systems, the number of bearings comes to hundreds.

A wide range of wheel bearings SCT-GERMANY, installed in the vehicle hub, is able to meet the demand of the owners of most cars on the marketBall bearing, cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings SCT-GERMANY, made ​​of high quality grades of alloy steels containing chromium.

SCT-GERMANY wheel bearings are produced in accordance with the standards ISO / TS16949.Wheel bearings SCT-GERMANY passed laboratory bench tests and showed his best side for many years and in a variety of road conditions and speed modes, as well as for the consumer are the most successful combination in terms of price and quality.

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